Rhode Island Shot

As fancy as I get folks!

Official Bio

Claudia Elizabeth Aldred is an award winning storyteller, and writer. She has performed at the Brandywine, New Jersey, and Fusion Storytelling Festivals; at The Ghost Walk in Chestnut Hill, and Patchwork’s Tellabration. A Patchwork Storytelling Guild member, she currently tells stories for the television studio of Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. Claudia is an oral tradition storyteller whose stories are either of her own making, or are stories adapted to her creative point of view.


Here I am with my emotional support human, Rich.


Unofficial Bio

I grew up in what used to be a small Pennsylvania town where you could still hear Pennsylvania German (called “Dutch” by the poorly informed), spoken in the local grocery store. A place where you could buy milk directly from the farm, and where the kids in school were from the town or from the middle of Haycock township.  I spent my formative years climbing trees or in the woods. When I was home my nose was usually in a book. Being the youngest of five I grew to dislike large noisy crowds of people. I believe this had a good bit to do with why I write and tell stories. Talking about something you have already organized in your head is generally a good deal safer, in my experience, than speaking off the cuff about current events, or the latest gossip. I have a few very good, long term friends, most of whom have had four feet and fur. Most of those, sadly I have helped cross the veil between this world and the next.

I currently live in the woods with my emotional support human who luckily is my husband, a cat who is retired from active mousing, and a stuffed dragon who is probably the most active of the four of us.